Ph.D. Student in the Creative Technology and Design Program at the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder, CO, USA. https://www.colorado.edu/atlas/eldy-lazaro

Master of Fine Arts in Design. UC Davis Department of Design, CA, USA. https://arts.ucdavis.edu/student-profile/eldy-lazaro

Eldy Lazaro is a Peruvian architect and researcher with an M.F.A. in Design from UC Davis. She is currently a third-year Ph.D. student at the ATLAS Institute at CU Boulder. She is a member of the Unstable Design Lab, Living Matter Lab, and Utility Research Lab. Her research lies at the intersection of Textile Craft and Biodesign within Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). She is currently researching bio-based liquid solutions for fiber-making to envision applications in sustainable smart textiles.
[Find her publications here].

Eldy has a Bachelor’s in Architecture and Urbanism and practiced the profession in Peru for several years before moving to the United States.
Her work follows sustainability principles in the early phases of the design process and is reflected in the design outcomes of her work. She believes in the importance of inclusive and accessible education, which is why her work incorporates open-source fabrication methods. She is an active member of the maker community and FabLat Kids program, and she has conducted workshops internationally about how to make interactive objects, bio-based materials, and 3D printing in textiles. She recently became a member of the Sustainability Committee-SIGCHI 2023.