After reading Leslie Hirst’s article about how a designer could become a creative and critical creation, I can highlight several important statements.

First, critical making is not limited for the background in which they have been involved during the years of study or the time of practice they had been implicated through years of work. Critical making takes time, exposure to critical thinking and making us a lot of questions before accepting something as a true. These questions are the door for possibilities where instead of asking “Why?”, the questions could be “Why not?”

Second, creativity is like a muscle, as much as you train it as stronger it becomes. Designers and artists need to set up our framework of procedures in order to promoting the initiative of problem solving. Imagination is what we should have while we have this journey of exploration. Also, we should know that even we find information which is not relevant for us, if it is there it has a purpose and we should learn from any kind of resource, even though they are different from the topics we are used to deal.

Third, maintaining an active archive of ideas in a sketchbook is a good practice, where we could return as many times as necessary looking for a different answer or point of view from the same work. We will be exposed to several weeks of exercises, presentations, reading and research in a Studio Design course, so having our sketchbook as a guide of our work, will be very  helpful.


“What you are learning is not the same thing as what is being taught”.

Leslie Hirst


Link of the reading here

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