Process Reflection_Installation


Considering the processes of brainstorming and ideation that we had up to this point for the installation related to The Book of Joy in this class, I should ask and answer myself about this questions:

What am I excited about?

-This is going to be my first time collaborating in the ideation and creation of a large scale installation. Also, the fact of working in a group with different skills, make me feel that the final proposal for this project is going to be amazing. Even though, it is a big challenge for everyone in this class to make our ideas fit at any point of the ideation process, I find encouraging that the installation is going to be exposed in the Shrem Museum and the Mondavi Center, also it is an opportunity to show how good we can be as a group and working all together for the same goal.

What am I not excited about?

-The time is something that make me feel worried sometimes, since we only have 5 weeks to complete this project and we’re still in the ideation process of the installation at this point.
-Everyone’s commitment is also something that could be crucial when working collaboratively. So, if all the members are not committed on this process, the final project could be disappointing.

Extra notes:
-All roles must be clear to each of the participants in this project in order to avoid surprises or last minute changes.

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